Designing opportunities

The BMG team of professionals earned the trust of its partners through all the results they achieved in more than 10 years of activity and over 150 grants. The consultancy we provided along with strategy design and management lead to developing communities and successfully finalising projects.


In over 150 grants we were involved, we gained the experience that gave us courage to accept increasing challenges. The results we achieved and the trust of our partners give us courage to aim even higher and further.

Our extended team of consultants and professionals in various areas boldly approaches intricate projects.

BMG offers more than grant consultancy; we provide project management, development strategies, outsourcing plans, business and marketing plans.

Our partnerships are built on a strong foundation of trust and real results. Our approach goes beyond finalising a project: we envision the dynamic and development of a community.


We are an active team, in constant search of new challenges.

Starting with 2005, year by year, we approached and successfully finalised projects in various fields: infrastructure, agriculture, agro-food and consumer industries, historical monuments, human resources development.

As we enriched our experience with projects for the rural communities development, we chose to focus on three main areas: infrastructure, rural development and restoring historical monuments.


We provided consultancy for more than 150 grants with a total value of approx. 150 million €. We are recommended by the success of their deployment.

No matter the project we are involved in, no matter the area, what we aim at is making a real, positive difference, which would stand as starting point for the community’s future development.

Grants Consultancy



Over 40 administrative territorial units from all Moldavian counties benefited from BMG’s expertise; we were involved in grants reaching a total value of more than 70 million Euros.


Strunga Township

Project consisting of innovating roads, building kindergartens, purchasing equipment and machinery. Value: 2.5 million €, not including VAT.

The BMG team provided consultancy for the documentation needed for the grant application and for purchase and payment procedures, as well as project management.


Rural Development

projects for creating and modernizing farms, crops, creating and identifying groups of producers with budgets summing up millions of Euros.


OLMA Group

Project for developing an orchard with a value of 850.000€

The BMG team provided consultancy for the grant application form and for purchase and payment procedures, as well as project management.


Restoring historical monuments

Extensive projects of restoring and highlighting historical monuments with budgets summing up over 10 million Euros.


Mitropolia Moldovei și Bucovinei

Project for the touristic enhancement of Iasi Metropolitan Assembly.

The BMG team provides consultancy for project management and purchase and payment procedures.

Areas 2014-2020

In Romania, by 2020, grants will be available with a total value of more than 30 billion Euros. Related to these grants, BMG has an expertise in offering consultancy for: The National Programme for Rural Development, The Regional Operational Programme, The Human Resources Operational Programme.

For the Rural Development National Programme a total amount of 9.363 billion Euros is available. This programme offers the opportunity to develop the rural area through:

  • Integrating producers and processors in the agro-food chain;
  • renewing the generations of farmers;
  • focus on protecting the environment and applying ecological investments and practices;
  • diversifying economical activities;
  • developing the local infrastructure.

For the Regional Operational Programme a total amount of 6.298 million Euros is available.

The purpose of this programme is to increase the economical competitiveness and improve life conditions for regional and local communities. This can be achieved by supporting the development of the business environment, services and infrastructure. By doing this, resources will be used efficiently, leading to the sustainable growth of regions.

For the Human Resources Operational Programme a total amount of 4.22 billion Euros is available.

This programme aims to decrease the difference in economical and social development level between Romania and other EU countries. To support the development of these areas in our country, there are grants available for different integrated and planned activities which are meant to encourage employment, education and social inclusion (for example: financing consultancy, professional or entrepreneurial training and other forms of support).